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Exclusion of liability
Important notice about all links: The Hamburg District Court de-
cided in its judgment on May 12th 1988 (file number: 312 O 85/98 that the attachment of links can result in the linking party being jointly liable for the content of the website to which said party links, unless the linking party expressly excludes this responsibility. Even if we exercise extreme care in offering you high-quality links, we hereby declare that we assume no responsibility for the content of linked websites and do not make these our own. This declaration applies to all links attached to this website. Under no circum-
stances are we responsible for the content of Websites that make reference to us. We are also not able to determine or to check references to us.

Moreover we have no influence on how the user will utilise, forward, or forward in a modified version, the information offered here, and consequently we cannot be made liable for damages, missed benefits, or other direct or indirect consequences that occur from the use of the information offered here.

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